Wednesday, November 01, 2006


1. Fibers: Something soft but durable. Not a big fan of acrylic (100%--makes my hands too hot). I would prefer that they not be too fuzzy.
2. Colors: Rose/Pink, Red, Dark Grey
3. Size: Medium, palm = 6.5”, length = 7.25”, thumb = 2.5”

1. Fibers: I prefer naturally occurring fibers...that said since I'm living in DC and make frequent trips to Chicago, its best to keep my fingers warm with something other than cotton.
2. Colors: Right now i have mittens that are blue. i think i'd like something more colorful. my coat i wear in the winter is black so i'll defer to your excellent judgement. so long as they're not barfy brown i think i'll be pleased. i wouldn't want to stifle your creativity.
3. Measurements: palm = 7”, wrist to tip of finger = 7”, thumb = 2.75”

1. Fibers: I like soft wool, but I'm not picky. If the acrylic is soft and knits up warm, I'll love that too. Not a huge fan of eyelash yarn anymore.
2. Colors: Red, green, purple.
3. Size: I wear small mittens.

1. Fibers: Wool, alpaca
2. Colors: Blue, green, purple
3. Size: Medium

1. Fibers: I like wool best, but I am always open to anything. Mostly,my requirements are that it is soft.
2. Colors: My absolute favorite color is green, after that I like blue and burgandy.
3. Size: I have medium sized hands. Mostly because my fingers are short, but still pretty chubby, oh well...hehe.

1. Fibers: Anything soft!
2. Colors: Pink, orange, heck, anything bright!
3. Measurements: Palm = 8.25", wrist to tip of finger = 7.5", thumb = 3"

1. Fibers: Wool or alpaca
2. Color Preference: Surprise her!
3. Mitten Size: 20cm, 20cm, 6cm

1. Fibers: For mittens I like anything except 100% acrylic (a blend is fine) but living in Minnesota and taking public transporation, for me - wool is usually best.
2. Colors: Purple, deep blue, dark green
3. Size: Medium

1. Fibers: Wool or Alpaca
2. Colors: blue, red, black
3. Measurements: palm =9", wrist to tip of finger =8", thumb =3"

1. Fibers: Natural, warm fibers
2. Colors: Dark green, light baby pastel pink, dark grey
3. Size: Medium, palm =8”, wrist to tip of finger = 9”, thumb = 3”

1. Fibers: No allergies, no preferences.
2. Colors: Dark Blue/Navy, Black, Ivory
3. Size: Large


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