Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Swap is Almost Over!

Wow, where did the time go? Offically, the swap ends on Thursday and that should be the last day you have to send your mittens out. However, as we all know life sometimes throws us a few curve balls and we get delayed on getting things out. I'm one of them.

I'm almost done with my mittens and am hoping to have them in the mail on Thursday but I'm thinking it's going to be more like Saturday.

If you aren't going to be able to get your mittens out by Thursday, please be kind and send your pal a note to let them know that. And then keep in touch until they do go out. I'll be doing the same!

And don't forget to add a little surprise with your mittens when you send them!

Have a great night everyone (or day if that's the case)!


Finished number two--the right one this time. My package will be winging it's way to its new home when the post-lady picks it up tomorrow. Sure hope you like them pal!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Do you want to laugh?

Ok, fellow mitten-knitters...I know how much you all will appreciate the chuckle at this. I have finished Mitten Number two for my pal....so proud that they look so great. Wait a minute...something looks odd...oh! DUH....I knit two LEFT mittens! Thank goodness I bought too much yarn...I guess I will have to make two pairs now. Don't despair pal, number two (the second time) is on the needles and will be coming your way next week.

Have a happy thanksgiving everyone!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I received my mittens!

I got my mittens today along with a lot of loot! I'll get pictures out here later but I wanted to say thank you to Shelley! What a lot of fun things - I have one question. The skein of Opal I can't find the yardage on it, do you know what it is? p.s. There were even some purple pencils in there - purple!

Here are the pictures. The one thing I didn't get a picture of was the wonderfully smelling candle in a jar - my friend and I are knitting and we just HAD to have that lit. The scent is Hot Apple Pie, yum. It's making me hungry. Thank you again, Shelley!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Almost done with Number 1

After much searching, I found the perfect yarn for my pal's mittens. Although I wanted to stay away from 100% acrylic, this yarn (Patons Astra) is just right and soft. The colors are really fun. When I saw the yarn, I said (outloud!) "PERFECT...just what I was looking for. The yarn is variegated so I am sticking to a simple pattern.
I am almost done with the first mitten after a couple of false starts. I plan on getting #2 on the needles as soon as possible in order to avoid the dreaded "second mitten syndrome" that is bound to happen if I hesitate even one minute.
So pal, be ready for some fun mittens to brighten up your winter.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Working diligently

I had to dig through several stashes, and then uncover a couple more before I found the perfect yarn for my partner's mittens. The pattern is my own, and it actually seems to be working. Now is only I could remember to do the pattern on the correct side of the second mitten. Picture when I accomplish that part.

Motehr of Purl

Sunday, November 12, 2006

It Is On It's Way!

In This Cool Looking Box Is A Pair Of Pretty Mitts Knit For Someone Special. Not Only Are There Mitts, The Box Also Has Wonderful Goodies/Surprises & More Tucked Inside.This Package Was Fun To Put Together & I Hope My Swap Partner Enjoys It All!

Getting Started

I just thought I would pop in and write about my progress, which is not that great. I'm having a horrible time deciding what to knit. Knitting Pattern Central has so many to choose from that I can't decide. It doesn't help that I haven't had 2 minutes to myself lately.

Looking over my options, I think I might have decided to knit these:

(Click on the picture to link to the pattern.)

I think I might make these into some mittens. What do you guys think? I think I have some good options for yarn at home in the colors that someone ;-) requested.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Emails Sent to Participants

I've sent all of you an email to invite you to blog here - feel free to accept - or not. You're not obligated to but it sure is a fun way to communicate.

Enjoy your weekend,

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Lists & Links

I've posted some patterns on the sidebar, feel free to use what you like. They're just ideas - you aren't obligated to using them. I've also listed the participants of our merry little swap and if I had your blog I linked you. If you have a blog and I didn't link you and you want to be linked, send me the link and I'll...well...link you.

Enjoy the weekend,

Email Me

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


1. Fibers: Something soft but durable. Not a big fan of acrylic (100%--makes my hands too hot). I would prefer that they not be too fuzzy.
2. Colors: Rose/Pink, Red, Dark Grey
3. Size: Medium, palm = 6.5”, length = 7.25”, thumb = 2.5”

1. Fibers: I prefer naturally occurring fibers...that said since I'm living in DC and make frequent trips to Chicago, its best to keep my fingers warm with something other than cotton.
2. Colors: Right now i have mittens that are blue. i think i'd like something more colorful. my coat i wear in the winter is black so i'll defer to your excellent judgement. so long as they're not barfy brown i think i'll be pleased. i wouldn't want to stifle your creativity.
3. Measurements: palm = 7”, wrist to tip of finger = 7”, thumb = 2.75”

1. Fibers: I like soft wool, but I'm not picky. If the acrylic is soft and knits up warm, I'll love that too. Not a huge fan of eyelash yarn anymore.
2. Colors: Red, green, purple.
3. Size: I wear small mittens.

1. Fibers: Wool, alpaca
2. Colors: Blue, green, purple
3. Size: Medium

1. Fibers: I like wool best, but I am always open to anything. Mostly,my requirements are that it is soft.
2. Colors: My absolute favorite color is green, after that I like blue and burgandy.
3. Size: I have medium sized hands. Mostly because my fingers are short, but still pretty chubby, oh well...hehe.

1. Fibers: Anything soft!
2. Colors: Pink, orange, heck, anything bright!
3. Measurements: Palm = 8.25", wrist to tip of finger = 7.5", thumb = 3"

1. Fibers: Wool or alpaca
2. Color Preference: Surprise her!
3. Mitten Size: 20cm, 20cm, 6cm

1. Fibers: For mittens I like anything except 100% acrylic (a blend is fine) but living in Minnesota and taking public transporation, for me - wool is usually best.
2. Colors: Purple, deep blue, dark green
3. Size: Medium

1. Fibers: Wool or Alpaca
2. Colors: blue, red, black
3. Measurements: palm =9", wrist to tip of finger =8", thumb =3"

1. Fibers: Natural, warm fibers
2. Colors: Dark green, light baby pastel pink, dark grey
3. Size: Medium, palm =8”, wrist to tip of finger = 9”, thumb = 3”

1. Fibers: No allergies, no preferences.
2. Colors: Dark Blue/Navy, Black, Ivory
3. Size: Large

Swap Has Begun!

The swap has officially begun. I will get everyone's preferences for fiber, colors and their sizes out here by the end of today. At least those that I have by then. I'll also put a list of the participants on the sidebar with their blogs if I have those as well.

Have a grand time, everyone!